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[fanart] Johnny's 1991~1999
I wanted to post this drawing when I got internet, but then I started talking about a lot of things, and also made lots of icons, so I'm only posting it now (^^")

I don't have a scanner, so I took pictures of my drawing. And the pictures are big, so I will put them on links again.

the whole drawing
I always wanted to make a drawing with the Johnny's I like (^^) But this one became so poor! (T_T) I'm not used to draw so many persons at once (actually I spent three days to finish it)... The "balance" of their faces/bodies is weird but please, ignore it (u_u)

More detailed:
Nakai, Kimura, Inagaki, Kusanagi and Shingo

...They are my very favorite group and they don't even look like the real ones! (T_____T) *totally fail*
From the whole drawing Kimura was the first one I drew. And is poor.
And Goro-chan's hair is difficult to draw. So is poor too.
I made Nakai with Bistro's uniform (and hair) because he looks good like that XD
Shingo I wanted to make leaning on the numbers, but then it hadn't space for Kusanagi! So I had to make him behind Shingo.


Joshima, Nagase, Matsuoka, Taichi and Tatsuya

I made Nakai supporting himself on Joshima's head XD and the others are laughing (Matsuoka became different because when I was already tired when started drawing him...)
And Taichi's hair is difficult too (u_u) actually I can't draw parm. Is horrible!


Sakamoto, Nagano, Okada, Inocchi, Ken and Go

Marsa leader is pointing to Joshima leader that is complaining about Nakai leader (for all I know, these leaders are good friends, so I wanted to make this scene).
Nagano is holding a spoon lol
Inocchi is... being Inocchi XD
Okada doesn't look like Okada (T_T)
Ken (that doesn't look like Ken) and Go are happy lol


KinKi Kids
Koichi and Tsuyoshi

I made them in the middle, between the numbers because they are exactly "in the middle" of the Johnny's I like.
I think Koichi looks like Koichi but Tsuyoshi is so so... And I had to remake him three times because his face was too small (>_<) Ah, I made him with the hair from "Anniversary" era because is my favorite hair style <3


Ohno, Jun, Sho, Nino and Aiba

I HAD to draw Ohno drawing!!! LOL look at his bored face! SOOOO OHNO! XDDD
Jun looks weird. And his head... as I said, I can't draw parm hair (u_u)
Sho... looks like anybody but Sakurai Sho lol and I made him a little more formal than the others because he's the nerd from Arashi lol (well, Ohno is wearing suit too just because is the leader)
I just think Nino is a little "recognizable" because of his mole.
And Aiba is happy like Ken and Go lol

I wanted to color the drawing but I would probably mess with it (although it is already a big mess). And I would make another drawing like this, if I had motivation (=__=) drawing 23 people isn't easy and is VERY tiring!

*oh, and I thought about include Toma there, but he never debuted, by fact. So maybe next time I'll make a special Toma solo drawing XD

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