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kowareru_sekai ([personal profile] kowareru_sekai) wrote on October 16th, 2010 at 07:03 pm
[fanart] GoKen + Nagano mama
Today I decided to watch Furhata vs. SMAP again (now with my mom) because there weren't anything good on TV (=_=)
It was even better watching for the second time XD and my mom was all "OMG Furuhata arrasted SMAP!" LOL

And when we finished watching I turned the TV to the channels and...
And it was the episode of the hospital, the one I like most!!!

As I watched only the special episode, there were scenes that I didn't see, so I watched even knowing what would happen XD
I guess they will keep airing the dorama this Monday... Now I want to watch the whole episodes (because in the special episode it doesn't show the "Inoue Kaoru feeling something's wrong" moments very much lol and I love those scenes!)


Well, before watching Furuhata Ninzaburou, I was drawing. I was finishing another Okada, but it looked weird, anything but Okada (T_T) so I erased it and made GoKen combi as chibis:

Nagano mama was cooking, but it seems that the kids can't wait anymore...

Ken: Food!
Go: Cake!

*I drew their faces a little bigger on purpose to make them look cute
**please ignore that Nagano's arm is weird

This idea came yesterday and I tried to draw normally, but it didn't go well (=___=) So today I made it again as chibis (lately I'm only drawing chibis/SDs... I'm afraid that I can't draw anymore (T____T))
And Go is asking for the dessert already because he likes sweets XD *misses VVV6*

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