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2011-09-09 12:46 am

Happy 20th Anniversary

Thank you SMAP for exist.

(click to see original size)

*I am SO SORRY (iДi) This drawing is weird, their arms are weird, their hands are weird, their height is weird, EVERYTHING is weird (T_T) But I wanted to post it while is still 9th in Japan (and here where I live turned 9th 46 minutes ago lol).
I will be making another drawing since I have other idea for celebrate SMAP's 20th anniversary
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2011-09-04 02:09 am

[fanart] Goro's present

I found an old SMAP manga I drew years ago...

Silly story lol )
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2011-08-26 07:43 pm

[fanart] More V6!!!

I felt inspired after seeing some fanarts on pixiv so I drew more XD

I'm drawing V6 for three days )

I must practice drawing hands.
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2011-08-24 11:11 pm

[fanart] Coming Soon!! 2011.08.22

I loved S.H.B! live performance!
I loved the guys' costumes (especially Okada's)!
I loved their talk with Nakai!

I had to draw it!

Were you really watching? )
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2011-06-16 04:48 pm

N's birthday

17th in Japan so...


(click to see the original size)

His horoscope is Gemini so I made this twin Nino drawing. And I'm practicing coloring so it looks weird (especially the hair orz).
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2011-04-02 08:06 pm

[fanart] abingdon students

I got a few blank paper today so I made an a.b.s drawing (SO LONG I don't draw them properly (i_i)). Lately I'm having my "a.b.s crisis" again XD I don't know why but I'm really into them... Being that Nishikawa is working as T.M.R now lol

(click to see the original size)

Yesterday I downloaded a new editor so I tried coloring with that!
Actually I HATE coloring (x_x) I'm not good doing that (analogic coloring nor digital coloring), but as my first try on this new editor, I think I did a good job 8D yay~

And the idea of this drawing was make them like seeing from above (that's why SUNAO's so tiny compared to the others), but I didn't do the perspective properly 8D *fails* And Kishi's hair is weird *fails* And Hiroshi's arm is weird too *FAILS*
...Anyway! I don't draw for a while, it's forgivable (u_u) *excuses*

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2011-02-14 10:06 pm

[fanart] Stormy boys (mainly Aiba & Nino)

It's 14th where I live, so happy Valentine (^o^)/
Valentine... I have a cute memory about this day... But it doesn't matter right now :P

I was a bit inspired today and made some drawings o/ I was drawing too much V6 lately XD so decided to draw Arashi!

I don't know how to draw anymore lol )

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2010-11-12 07:25 pm

[fanart] another from Mission V6

I think the V6 + marshmallow combination totally caught my heart XD And I made another drawing inspired in this week's Mission V6.

mission: catch the marshmallows from Go )


It has nothing with the drawing, but I'll be very glad if you help me.

I'm searching for a V6's TV show. I'm not sure, but I guess it was VVV6...
The only thing I remember is that some members visit Yama-chan (from Nankai Candies 南海キャンディーズ)'s apartment. Then someone says is hungry or something like that, so Go gets a popcorn package and opens it... but he doesn't open it carefully, so the popcorn goes everywhere in Yama-chan's room lol

I think the members were Go and Ken, but not sure too... sorry (>_<)

If you know which program/episode it is, PLEASE, leave a comment here!!!
Thanks in advance!

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2010-11-10 06:51 pm

[fanart] from Mission V6

This week's Mission V6 the guys had a mission including marshmallows. Go was throwing the marshmallows to the other five members from the 7th floor.

I don't know why, but V6 + marshmallows sounded cute XD
And as Go was the one throwing, I made this:

Startled Go and "The Marshmallows"! lol

Go: What...
Marsa: Hey, Go-kun!
Hiroshi: We are The Marshmallows (sorry, I couldn't think about any other name XD)
Inocchi: Yay!
Ken/Okada: Come with us!

Hiroshi is the cutest in my opinion (*___*)

*I resized the picture to post here and the quality lowered (x_o) but I hope you can see the drawing!
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2010-10-16 07:03 pm

[fanart] GoKen + Nagano mama

Today I decided to watch Furhata vs. SMAP again (now with my mom) because there weren't anything good on TV (=_=)
It was even better watching for the second time XD and my mom was all "OMG Furuhata arrasted SMAP!" LOL

And when we finished watching I turned the TV to the channels and...
And it was the episode of the hospital, the one I like most!!!

As I watched only the special episode, there were scenes that I didn't see, so I watched even knowing what would happen XD
I guess they will keep airing the dorama this Monday... Now I want to watch the whole episodes (because in the special episode it doesn't show the "Inoue Kaoru feeling something's wrong" moments very much lol and I love those scenes!)


Well, before watching Furuhata Ninzaburou, I was drawing. I was finishing another Okada, but it looked weird, anything but Okada (T_T) so I erased it and made GoKen combi as chibis:

We are hungry! )

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2010-10-11 06:31 pm

[fanart] V6's youngest pair

As my brain stills filled with Okada, I did two drawings today. Actually they are Junichi/Ken fanart because I felt inspired after seeing [livejournal.com profile] ohnaganoes's cute drawing (^_^)
Hope you like it.

If I could only feel your warmth once more... )

I was thinking about make some Okada icons because now I have WONDERFUL pictures XD But maybe other day...

Now I'm gonna look for Furuhata Ninzaburo's episode which SMAP appears (^o^)/
See you o/

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2010-09-20 04:19 pm

[fanart] Johnny's 1991~1999

I wanted to post this drawing when I got internet, but then I started talking about a lot of things, and also made lots of icons, so I'm only posting it now (^^")

My favorite Johnny's )

I wanted to color the drawing but I would probably mess with it (although it is already a big mess). And I would make another drawing like this, if I had motivation (=__=) drawing 23 people isn't easy and is VERY tiring!

*oh, and I thought about include Toma there, but he never debuted, by fact. So maybe next time I'll make a special Toma solo drawing XD

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2010-09-01 01:44 pm


So, I had some things to say, but I think I will post it tomorrow XD I'm not in a "real life mood" right now (it it really does exist).

I made some drawings while waiting for the internet connection! Gonna share them with the world ~~~/o/
Hope you enjoy them!

V6 fanarts + more )

You can use them for graphics if you liked. But credit [livejournal.com profile] kowareru_sekai and let me know! I would love to see icons/wallpapers/layouts/whatever with these chibis o/
And don't repost them claiming as yours ok? Ok!