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2011-12-10 03:27 am

[icons] N-miya and M-moto

I can't even remember the last time I made Arashi icons (@_@) And I'm not a big fan of Jun, but I LOVE making graphics with his pictures ♥ You know, pretty models motivate the artists lol /shutup
This time I tried new effects.

[14] Ninomiya Kazunari
[07] Matsumoto Jun
[01] Aiba/Nino *extra*

The yellow kid and the purple kid )
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2011-11-18 12:06 am

[icons] 11.18

31 icons to celebrate Mickey Mouse's Okada's birthday! ♥

[31] Okada Junichi

Happy birthday, suekko-chan! )
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2011-11-17 12:04 am

[icons] 11.17

41 icons to celebrate Shigeru's birthday! ♥

[41] Joshima Shigeru

Happy birthday, leader! )
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2011-10-03 03:09 pm

[icons] Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...

...you are it!

[08] Kimura Takuya
[04] Matsuoka Masahiro
[04] Kokubun Taichi
[03] Miyake Ken
[16] Okada Junichi
[08] Domoto Tsuyoshi

43 icons )
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2011-09-15 01:11 am

[icons] Okada Junichi

Now that I have A LOT of Okada pictures, I decided to make some icons (and I didn't use even 2/3 of "Okada Junichi" folder lol).
And I'm finally using an icon table 8D

[34] Okada Junichi

Just because you're photogenic )
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2011-07-19 01:26 am

[icons] BOSS 2nd season

I'm finally finishing the 春ドラ (spring dramas) I had in my computer and decided to make some icons with one of them: BOSS!
Hope you like them.

[5] Hanagata Ippei (Mizobata Junpei)
[2] Iwai Zenji (Kendō Kobayashi)
[3] Katagiri Takuma (Tamayama Tetsuji)
[2] Kurohara Rika (Narumi Riko)
[6] Nodate Shinjirō (Takenouchi Yutaka)
[2] Ohsawa Eriko (Amami Yūki)
[19] pairs

It's a new case! )
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2011-07-16 01:10 am
Entry tags:

[icons] guitarist love

I should make more non-Johnny's graphics too lol (actually the first icon batch I ever made was a J-Rock one)
I was listening to SID lately then decided to make some icons. This time is just Shinji, but I might make the other members' icons soon :D
Hope you like them.

[12] Shinji

Shinji and his pretty right hand )
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2011-03-09 08:05 pm

[icons] This bird had flown

Lucky me and you that I saved these icons in my Photobucket before the hard disc broke! At least I have graphics to post here.
First time making movie icons. These are mainly Kenichi.
Hope you like them.

[72] Matsuyama Kenichi (Norwegian Wood)
*contains slight spoilers

Isn't it good? Norwegian wood )

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2011-01-31 12:25 am

[graphics] icons and gifs

I've been watching Kanpani and the funny scenes made me want to make icons (first time making Kanjani 8 graphics!)
And also some SMAP's PV animated gifs :D Hope you like them.

[1] Shibutani Subaru
[2] Yokoyama Yu
[3] Nishikido Ryo
[3] Ohkura Tadayoshi
[5] Yasuda Shota
[3] pair/group

[2] Maruyama Ryuhei
[2] Yasuda Shota
[9] SMAP (Celery and Sono Mama PV)

17 icons + 13 gifs )

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2011-01-16 07:09 pm

[icons] Sanma & SMAP 2010

Finally, uh :D I could make more, but you know, I'm lazy! But I'll make more soon (not sure...), can't promise anything but... Yeah, soon lol

Hope you like them.

[7] Nakai Masahiro
[6] Kimura Takuya
[2] Inagaki Goro
[1] Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
[2] Katori Shingo
[5] pair/group

Silly Marvelous Adorable People )
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2011-01-13 05:27 am

[icons] Nino & dorama

Some icons to make up for my ausence.

[19] Ninomiya Kazunari
[36] Nagareboshi (last episode)

A pretty hand and shooting stars )
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2011-01-02 12:34 am

[icons] Feel your breeze

2011's first post is about... graphics! XD Nothing very new here (literally).
I passed[?] the countdown making these lovely things, hope you like them.

[5] Sakamoto Masayuki
[3] Nagano Hiroshi
[3] Inohara Yoshihiko
[8] Morita Go
[1] Miyake Ken
[7] Okada Junichi
[31] pair/group

Anytime, anywhere in my heart )
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2010-12-29 09:39 am

[icons] V6 on Music Station

I'm gonna make Sanma&SMAP's icons later. The show is long and there are a lot of good moments for icons; it will take me some time to make all.
To make up for it, here you are V6's icons from Music Station performance.

[3] Sakamoto Masayuki
[3] Nagano Hiroshi
[3] Inohara Yoshihiko
[6] Morita Go
[6] Miyake Ken
[10] Okada Junichi
[6] pair

I'm only dreaming, darling )
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2010-12-21 12:19 pm

[graphics] icons and mood theme

As I said, I made some icons from Okada's new Daihatsu CM. His expressions are so awesome, they really deserved icons!

...But as I didn't make much of them, I decided to also post another mood theme (I know I said I won't make it anymore because is tiring. But I couldn't help! I love this dorama! And it was easier than the SMAP's one)

I hope you like them.

[7] Okada Junichi

Ehh? )

And mood theme!

Images file under the cut )
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2010-12-11 08:22 pm

[icons] Johnny's are addictive

More icons :D Yeah, I don't have anything better to do lol

This post includes SMAP's SHAKE video icons (which don't change much from 青いイナズマ, but I love their expressions!), D. Tsuyoshi's cuteness and stormy boys <3

[45] SMAP
[2] Domoto Tsuyoshi
[17] Arashi + banner

total of 64 eye candies )
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2010-12-09 11:12 pm

[icons] Aoi Inazuma

This time using screencaps from SMAP's 青いイナズマ (Aoi Inazuma) PV
(I LOVE how Shingo is holding Tsuyoshi's hand all the time lol)
Hope you like it.

[16] Nakai Masahiro
[16] Kimura Takuya
[10] Inagaki Goro
[10] Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
[8] Katori Shingo
[12] group

Get you! )
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2010-12-05 05:42 pm

[icons] Kimura & Okada

Hey, did you see the newest an an?
No? Oh, you should see it D:
Yes? YES! I saw! I love that guy! What's his name again? ...err Kodai Susumu? Oh, that's his character in Yamato... Oh yes! SMAP's beauty God, Kimura Takuya 8D
The pictures were great (as always) so I decided to make icons! - I also made some using screencaps from Gatsby's Water Wax CM (^_^)
And also some Okada because I keep saying he's the most handsome guy in Johnny's agency in my opinion (but then there's Kimura... Well, Kimura Takuya is different 8D We can't compare lol)

[34] Kimura Takuya
[10] Okada Junichi

Johnny's beauty )
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2010-11-28 04:42 pm

[icons] Eye candy from Kansai

Last night I slept after 3 because was looking for a new layout (=_=)
I liked that white one, and my SMAP's header was pretty too. But I was feeling like changing already XD
I wanted a darker layout but I didn't find any that looked good, so I choose this one. And this time I made a Shigeru leader header :D (yes, I love this man <3)
First I even thought about make an Okada's header, but I'm really too into V6 lately XD Not that it's bad, but I want to focus in other groups too lol

And since I'm not posting very often, I made some icons to make up for it. Hope you like them.

[6] Joshima Shigeru
[20] Okada Junichi (+ Oto na ri scenes)
[6] Domoto Tsuyoshi

eye candy this way )
random fansites (maybe some folders from プリ画像 but not sure)
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2010-10-03 09:52 pm

[icons] a.b.s Japan Tour 2010 2nd batch

Here I come with the second batch of a.b.s' icons.
This time Freedom performance:

[84] abingdon boys school
-Nishikawa: 31
-SUNAO: 27
-Kishi: 5
-Shibasaki: 12
-IKUO: 5
-group: 4

Who's in control of this disaster? )

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2010-09-30 09:35 pm

[icons] abs Japan Tour 2010 1st batch

Hey, I said I would make icons right? But a.b.s' live has MANY good scenes, so I will make the icons little by little.

The icons in this batch are from STRENGTH. performance (we're still in the first song and look how many icons I made 8D)

[61] abingdon boys school
-Nishikawa: 37
-SUNAO: 15
-Kishi: 5
-Shibasaki: 2
-IKUO: 2

今も置き去りのまま... )