12 November 2010 @ 07:25 pm
[fanart] another from Mission V6  
I think the V6 + marshmallow combination totally caught my heart XD And I made another drawing inspired in this week's Mission V6.


Go: ...Hm? Do you want too?
Okada: ...Yeah

If I'm not wrong, Okada was the first one to catch the marshmallow, and it was so exciting! lol I got all happy with them because my two favorite members made it XD So the idea for the drawing came easily o/


It has nothing with the drawing, but I'll be very glad if you help me.

I'm searching for a V6's TV show. I'm not sure, but I guess it was VVV6...
The only thing I remember is that some members visit Yama-chan (from Nankai Candies 南海キャンディーズ)'s apartment. Then someone says is hungry or something like that, so Go gets a popcorn package and opens it... but he doesn't open it carefully, so the popcorn goes everywhere in Yama-chan's room lol

I think the members were Go and Ken, but not sure too... sorry (>_<)

If you know which program/episode it is, PLEASE, leave a comment here!!!
Thanks in advance!

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