01 September 2010 @ 01:44 pm
So, I had some things to say, but I think I will post it tomorrow XD I'm not in a "real life mood" right now (it it really does exist).

I made some drawings while waiting for the internet connection! Gonna share them with the world ~~~/o/
Hope you enjoy them!

This is an old drawing, I made it few months ago.

Then I was waiting for the internet to get ready and started to draw... I remembered that I didn't watch Kumagusu and Asaichi for a while, so I drew Inocchi!
Inocchi - chibi and cool
*actually, more because he is easy to draw XD did you ever see a person who looks so like an anime character? lol

And also Go because I think he is easy to draw too
Go chibi
I love his angry eyes XD

But then I had an idea and made this bigger one
Go! 5!
Ignore that his arm is weird. And I suck drawing hands (u_u) his right hand took me about 30 minutes to be perfectly done (though I don't think it's perfect yet...)

I also wanted to draw the other members, but I got tired XD and the others are difficult (T___T) I can't draw them, unless for chibis.


It's different from cyber shot...
Okada and the "READY?" cover's camera (I took Nagano's camera as reference to draw it).
This came to my mind XD I miss Okada's cyber shot's CMs...

You can use them for graphics if you liked. But credit [livejournal.com profile] kowareru_sekai and let me know! I would love to see icons/wallpapers/layouts/whatever with these chibis o/
And don't repost them claiming as yours ok? Ok!

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