11 October 2010 @ 06:31 pm
[fanart] V6's youngest pair  
As my brain stills filled with Okada, I did two drawings today. Actually they are Junichi/Ken fanart because I felt inspired after seeing [livejournal.com profile] ohnaganoes's cute drawing (^_^)
Hope you like it.

Since I saw Okada saying on Gokigenyou that he wanted to protect Ken-chan, I made this:

SP!Okada and fragile!Ken-chan XD
I really imagined it when Okada was talking about Ken-chan! LOL (I know Ken isn't this kind of guy... on the contrary uh 8D but I like what I imagined anyway)
And I failed again (x_o) it says "動く壁を超えてみろ (Try to pass the moving wall)" which is the dorama's "catch copy"; I changed the "moving wall" part to "Okada Junichi". But them just after uploading the image I realized I used the wrong kanji for pass: instead of 超 I wrote 越 (>_<) I fixed it, took another picture very quickly and uploaded it again (=__=) *failfailfail*

And lately I'm only drawing chibis (they are easier), but I also tried to draw "normally":

"ひみつ教えるね 岡田くんすきだよ (I will tell you a secret; I like Okada-kun)"

First I wanted to make Ken-chan giving Okada a kiss XD but it ended like this, and seems like Ken is whispering something to Okada, so I wrote that XD

*when I resized the pictures Okada's mole disappeared (=__=) just because this time I remembered to make it
**ignore my signature XD I make this scratch as a signature on my drawings because I'm lazy to write all my name LOL

I was thinking about make some Okada icons because now I have WONDERFUL pictures XD But maybe other day...

Now I'm gonna look for Furuhata Ninzaburo's episode which SMAP appears (^o^)/
See you o/

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