14 February 2011 @ 10:06 pm
[fanart] Stormy boys (mainly Aiba & Nino)  
It's 14th where I live, so happy Valentine (^o^)/
Valentine... I have a cute memory about this day... But it doesn't matter right now :P

I was a bit inspired today and made some drawings o/ I was drawing too much V6 lately XD so decided to draw Arashi!

恋の嵐 (Lovely Storm)

(click to see origrnal size)
AGES that I don't draw the five members (@_@) Sho looks so weird...

It was half inspired by a fanfiction.
Jun likes Sho,
Sho likes Aiba,
Aiba likes Nino,
Nino likes leader
and leader likes everybody ♥ LOL

にのあいバカップル編 (Aimiya lovey-dovey couple part)

Nino: Stupid people are stupid
Aiba: Don't say I'm stupid!
(Aiba: Aiba-kun will cry!
Nino: You're already crying)

I love these two 8D~ And I love this way they show the love for each other LOL
Lovely ♥

Aiba: Nino, do you like/love me?
Nino: I-I like/love... you

And I love stubborn Nino XD


These two are inspired by a Japanese fic. It's a "Little Red Riding Hood" parody where Aiba is a starving rabbit and Nino is... Nino Hood XD ROFL
I wanted to show these to the author but I don't know how to contact her (@_@) *fails*

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