26 August 2011 @ 07:43 pm
[fanart] More V6!!!  
I felt inspired after seeing some fanarts on pixiv so I drew more XD

(click to see original size)

Actually he is happy

Go said he doesn't feel anything in the "Go! Go! Go!" part of S.H.B!, but I'm sure he likes that LOL

Mm secsi♪
*it's hard to draw this hand (>.<)

I saw two AWESOMELY PRETTY fanarts of Marsa doing the V6-sexy-hand so I wanted to draw mine too but... uh... I suck drawing hands orz

So let's make the other members do the "SEXY!" part:

Mm~... sexy?
Yeah, smug look sexy

To me, Inocchi is more cool-fool than sexy (and I forgot to draw his chin) lol And I read a live report that at the encore Nagano did Marsa's "SEXY!" part (iwi) with his smug look ♥ lol so I drew too.

*I drew his hair
Mm sideways glance is sexy
*I mean, Go is erotic. Not that I'm complaining, really

Yeah yeah! Cute!
*Idol's smile

Seductive by nature
Yeah, I love it
*I give up on drawing hands

I must practice drawing hands.
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