03 September 2011 @ 02:48 am
OMG I can't believe I did it  
JOIN [livejournal.com profile] okadaday

[livejournal.com profile] okadaday [livejournal.com profile] okadaday [livejournal.com profile] okadaday
[livejournal.com profile] okadaday [livejournal.com profile] okadaday [livejournal.com profile] okadaday

I did it...
I created a monster community LMAO

So you must join >:D

...Alright, you can join if you want. You can join it if you like Okada.

JOIN [livejournal.com profile] okadaday!!! LOL
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31 August 2010 @ 03:50 pm
Me & the internet  


Oh man, I'm so happy XDDD I will try to explain summarize what happened these days... my sister came here (she lives in Nagoya - but next month she's going back to Brazil) them we went out and saw a eletronic shop. There she bought me a notebook and did all the internet registration (*____*) Sometimes I may say I hate my sister, but deep in my heart, I love her <3 - she's my only sister anyway :P

But it was more than 2 weeks ago (u___u) YES, it took me almost three weeks to get this damn internet!!!!! (Ò___Ó)
Well, whatever... I have internet now, that's what matters 8D *flies again*

From now I will update here more, and by the way, I have some things to write here... not good things, but I need to write them somewhere (u_u)

I still have a lot of other things to do (check e-mails and etc), see you again tomorrow o/
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15 December 2009 @ 03:06 pm
that's so bad is good  
*I was thinking about f-lock this post but I will let it public anyway because there's nothing too "lockable"*

I would like to say I'm feeling better but, I can't lie, and I don't like to lie; I am not. Well, maybe just a little, but really, just a little bit. I could be worst right? uh, yeah...

Thank you for who commented on the locked post. Seriously, I almost cried reading the comments. Thank you very much.
Sometimes I really think things won't change and I get afraid of my future - if I really have a future. But I'm like this and I'm sure I will never change. So at least I am just gonna see what happens... although nothing's gonna happen if I don't move but... err... naahhh anyways, I just wanted more time.


Speaking on "bad" things, I burnt my lip (T_____T) I was about to eat a snack (it was hot very hot because it was in the microwave oven. And I'm not neko jita so I LOVE hot food!) and instead of divide it before eat, I just took a bite, like it was a hamburger. And it was the biggest mistake of the week (u__u) the steam came from inside and I burnt my upper lip (T__T) *feels dumb*
It happened two days ago so it doesn't hurt anymore... but gosh, it hurt LIKE HELL. And I'm like Kimura, I have the habit of licking my lips and I forgot the corner of my upper lip was hurt so... I think you know what I felt, uh? XD

...But I won't stop eating hot food 8-D I'm stubborn and I love it ~~~/o/ well, that's why I always got hurt but it doesn't matter -wth- ~~~/o/ *falls*


Aawwww Tokyo DOGS will end next week!!! (T_________T) NNOOOOOOOO I want more Sou and Maruo's fights! I want more Maruo's stupid jokes! I want more telephone calls from Sou-chan's mom!

a bit of spoilers )

I can't wait for the last episoooodee (T___T)

And talking about doramas, "My Girl" finished last week (.___.) I'm not gonna see Koharu-chan anymore and it hurts (T_T) I loved that girl! I want her for me! LOL
As I expected, I cried watching this last episode XD I thought it would be more touching... but I cried anyway *cry baby*

a bit of spoilers pt. 2 )

To finish this post, I will not come to internet next week and the next, and the next, and the next and so on... I'm gonna take a break and I think I will return to the cyber on January. All these holiday things annoys me XD so I'll wait the holidays gone and them come to update here again (^_^)


I will come sooner if I really wanted to use de computer :P who knows. But my plans are to just return next year (come on guys, I need money to come here and use this stupid computer lol)

If you want to talk with me, you can find my cell phone's e-mail at my fotolog's entries (and you find my fotolog's link at the bio). I don't think someone would want to, but I'm saying anyway :P

Gonna miss you, computer-san (T___T) people from internet (i___i)/
see you o/~
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