20 September 2010 @ 04:19 pm
[fanart] Johnny's 1991~1999  
I wanted to post this drawing when I got internet, but then I started talking about a lot of things, and also made lots of icons, so I'm only posting it now (^^")

My favorite Johnny's )

I wanted to color the drawing but I would probably mess with it (although it is already a big mess). And I would make another drawing like this, if I had motivation (=__=) drawing 23 people isn't easy and is VERY tiring!

*oh, and I thought about include Toma there, but he never debuted, by fact. So maybe next time I'll make a special Toma solo drawing XD

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10 September 2010 @ 03:16 am
[icons] KinKi Kids PVs  
First I was planning in make icons for the PVs from J album (Secret Code, Yakusoku and Swan Song) but the scenes in Yakusoku's PV are almost all the same (-.-) So I decided to just make icons for the other two PVs.

[34] Secret Code (10 Koichi + 13 Tsuyoshi + 11 duo)
[20] Swan Song (8 Koichi + 8 Tsuyoshi + 4 duo)

Secret Swan Song Code )

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08 December 2009 @ 04:31 pm
[icons] JE icons  
I made more JE icons! It was supposed to have MORE icons but I want to post them now XD and I can't come every week so it will take me too much time to finish.
And today is Goro-chan's birthday! (^o^)/

[44] SMAP
[12] KinKi Kids
[6] Toraji & Haiji (Kokubun Taichi & Domoto Tsuyoshi)
[9] Ikuta Toma


Johnny's!! )
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27 October 2009 @ 11:43 am

This week I discovered that I can't post from the cellphone anymore. au changed the Internet viewer somehow and I can't log in to LJ.
Awesome. Just too good to be true.

So, now I'll be able to post only on Tuesdays, like before.
Well, isn't too bad, I never have important things to write anyway... But I can't log in so it means I can't read f-locked entries and I can't post/reply comments. You won't see me so often now.


And also, I'm finally finishing that oh-so-secret fic XD Then I just need to write the "second" part and post here o/ But you know, procrastination rulez -what. The very last fic I wrote was from September 14th or so! I don't know what's happening to me (T___T) ...maybe uh, stress? lol Oh of course, and all these things with the cellphone (-___-) and a few minutes ago I did something wrong on my mp3 player and it doesn't play anymore... GOOD! I shouldn't wake up today! *runs and cries*

Anyways, I wanted to write some things about Tokyo DOGS' 2nd episode and SmapxSmap but now I'm too pissed off *hits head against the wall*
*sighs* (u_u) let's make a try.

Tokyo DOGS spoilers )

SmapxSmap spoilers )

This Bistro was the best ever XD I'm so glad Smap and KinKi still being good sempais and kouhais (^____^) and I really like these old Johnny's because of the gasshuku. Everybody was all together and good friends.

Now I want to watch those old shows (x_x) Smap's "Ganbarimashou" was funny!
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06 October 2009 @ 01:43 pm
[icons] JE's variety  

Hi :D
I was busy making some icons (when I should be thinking about how to continue my fics... *slump*)
I wanted to make more but I don't have much time here (^_^;) and I'm kind of tired (x_o) so here we go


Johnny's! )
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