02 April 2011 @ 08:06 pm
[fanart] abingdon students  
I got a few blank paper today so I made an a.b.s drawing (SO LONG I don't draw them properly (i_i)). Lately I'm having my "a.b.s crisis" again XD I don't know why but I'm really into them... Being that Nishikawa is working as T.M.R now lol

(click to see the original size)

Yesterday I downloaded a new editor so I tried coloring with that!
Actually I HATE coloring (x_x) I'm not good doing that (analogic coloring nor digital coloring), but as my first try on this new editor, I think I did a good job 8D yay~

And the idea of this drawing was make them like seeing from above (that's why SUNAO's so tiny compared to the others), but I didn't do the perspective properly 8D *fails* And Kishi's hair is weird *fails* And Hiroshi's arm is weird too *FAILS*
...Anyway! I don't draw for a while, it's forgivable (u_u) *excuses*

15 September 2009 @ 10:56 am
[icons] turbo delivery!  

So! Nishikawa's birthday is this Saturday but I can use the computer just on Tuesdays so I'm gonna post them today.

-39 icons of Nishikawa Takanori-



turbo icons )
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