03 November 2009 @ 11:18 am
productive -or not.  

Gah (T_T) I'm so happy that I finished that fic (actually I finished Okada's side yesterday and blah, I'm really tired okay?! lol). Now I can start a new one (-.-) I was going crazy writing the same words, the same paragraphs, the same quotes... Really, why did I decide to write a fic like that? One-sided wasn't good enough?
...Sometimes I want to kill myself :D


Wow, it's already November (o_o) I like this month ^^ *"Sweet November"s influences* and V6 debuted on[?] November, right?
...blah, but who cares (T_T) all this week I just saw Arashi on the tv (yeah, people don't care if you're celebrating 14th anniversary. 10th anniversary is more important huh?)
Anyway (=_=) now I will wait to SMAP's 20th anniversary. And I really hope you do something special, guys (Ò___Ó) September 9th!!! *freak*

Ah, today is holiday here. Culture's day. And I'm wondering why Arashi debuted on[?] Culture's day (@_@;) lol


Tokyo DOGS' spoilers )


Well, and I want to watch Liar Game -season 2- so bad! (T_T) but the timing... it's the same time I watch London Hearts and also Tuesday's 9PM is Utaban's time! Aaww too bad (u_u)
Oh yeah, speaking on watch, tomorrow Okada's "Oto na ri" will release ^^ I need to rental it (@___@) I need some Okada Junichi for my eyes XD

Now I will try to make some icons... will post them soon (^o^) or not that soon lol
bye o/
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06 October 2009 @ 01:43 pm
[icons] JE's variety  

Hi :D
I was busy making some icons (when I should be thinking about how to continue my fics... *slump*)
I wanted to make more but I don't have much time here (^_^;) and I'm kind of tired (x_o) so here we go


Johnny's! )
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