02 April 2011 @ 08:06 pm
[fanart] abingdon students  
I got a few blank paper today so I made an a.b.s drawing (SO LONG I don't draw them properly (i_i)). Lately I'm having my "a.b.s crisis" again XD I don't know why but I'm really into them... Being that Nishikawa is working as T.M.R now lol

(click to see the original size)

Yesterday I downloaded a new editor so I tried coloring with that!
Actually I HATE coloring (x_x) I'm not good doing that (analogic coloring nor digital coloring), but as my first try on this new editor, I think I did a good job 8D yay~

And the idea of this drawing was make them like seeing from above (that's why SUNAO's so tiny compared to the others), but I didn't do the perspective properly 8D *fails* And Kishi's hair is weird *fails* And Hiroshi's arm is weird too *FAILS*
...Anyway! I don't draw for a while, it's forgivable (u_u) *excuses*

03 October 2010 @ 09:52 pm
[icons] a.b.s Japan Tour 2010 2nd batch  
Here I come with the second batch of a.b.s' icons.
This time Freedom performance:

[84] abingdon boys school
-Nishikawa: 31
-SUNAO: 27
-Kishi: 5
-Shibasaki: 12
-IKUO: 5
-group: 4

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01 October 2010 @ 07:27 pm
Why did I start it? (=_=)  
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I'm making SMAP's mood theme right now (when actually I should be writing fics and making icons and downloading doramas). It was pretty difficult to find 132 different pictures to fit all the moods (I didn't want to repeat the pictures)... But I did it! (T___T) I'll upload them here soon.

LJ has too many moods that mean the same thing ( ̄A ̄) like "grateful" and "thankful", "irate" and "irritated", "mischievous" and "naughty"... Not to mention the moods that I doubt someone will ever use like LETHARGIC, PREDATORY, RECUMBENT (at least I won't use...)


Well... and I'm still fangirling over a.b.s 8D or should I say SUNAO? lol aawww I'm so happy for being their/his fan (*^^*)
But incredibly I never went to their concert (@_@) I already saw them (except for Kishi) because of T.M.Revolution's concert that I went twice, but abingdon boys school itself I never saw "in person"... it's sad (._.) specially because MATCH UP will start and Nishikawa and Kishi just talks about it on twitter (@___@;) AND I won't go (>_<)
It's alright! I didn't want anyway! MATCH UP has other artists' performances too and I just want a.b.s' live! (i_i) I-I-I d-don't care! ...I don't... *cries on the corner*

Oh, now let's put an end on this emo thing XD I have to search for SMAP pictures...

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30 September 2010 @ 09:35 pm
[icons] abs Japan Tour 2010 1st batch  
Hey, I said I would make icons right? But a.b.s' live has MANY good scenes, so I will make the icons little by little.

The icons in this batch are from STRENGTH. performance (we're still in the first song and look how many icons I made 8D)

[61] abingdon boys school
-Nishikawa: 37
-SUNAO: 15
-Kishi: 5
-Shibasaki: 2
-IKUO: 2

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15 September 2009 @ 10:56 am
[icons] turbo delivery!  

So! Nishikawa's birthday is this Saturday but I can use the computer just on Tuesdays so I'm gonna post them today.

-39 icons of Nishikawa Takanori-



turbo icons )
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